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We are based in north Cornwall in a pig shed just outside Wadebridge. We pride ourselves in making high quality Surf craft, Whether it's high performance short boards to cutting edge long boards, we use the finest materials available Hexcel cloth, iso resins and Surf blank pu foam, we also use epoxy resins, EPS and wood.
Between Bro and Paul we have 45 years experience of creating surfboards and over those years have shaped, glassed, sanded, sprayed and buffed 1000s of surfboards.

Although we are low volume board builders we have in house APS3000 cutting machine coupled to the rolls Royce of surfboard shaping software Shape3D. Enabling the team to supply and manufacture super consistent boards to get the ultimate in quiver progression. With a broad range of team surfers riding , designing and developing our boards we deliver cutting edge custom designed surf boards for most peoples desires.

Board Descriptions:

Speed egg
Classic egg outline, rails lowered and foiled to give extra sensitivity but leaving the volume in the stringerline for float and paddle power. Light single to spiral vee for extra zest. Available in quad , thruster or a two plus one set up. This beauty has a full resin tint with patches and a polish. Egg sizes range from 6’ 6’’ to 7’ 4’’

Magic hat
We designed this for bigger heavier guys who still want a board with a short board template but need to raise there wave count, without going snub/hybrid nose. It has a low smooth flowing rocker, full rails and a flat deck for maximum paddle power and wave count. Combo of shallow concaves and subtle vees makes this a winner in less than average conditions. Board dims 6’ 4’’x 20 ¾ x2 11/16 sizes range from 6’ 0’’ to 6’ 6’’

Light weight Keel fin
We have stripped this out to the bare minimum. Low volume short board rails, combination of concaves and vees, the same base is still there wide platform for drive and flow but extra response from the refined foiling and rail curves. 70/30 hand foiled birch ply fins and original art by Neil Erskine
Board dims 5’ 5’’ x20 3/8’’ x2 3/16’’ sizes range from 5 ‘0’’ to 6’ 0’’