Hows Everyone ….

The network is really buzzing … a weekend hasnt looked this good for a long time. Atlantic-wide groundswell is set to crank for the next four days or so. Increasing. Winds arent bad either. Full casts below.

What a great week all told. Out west has been delivering, but up north too we had some chest to head material. One session in particular went head high, glassy and peeling at last light. Ger, Doolie and Keith all scoring there. Bliss. Shes getting nippy. Numb hands and feet reported from the battlehardened flesh barers. Water is about 12. Winter 'prene at the ready. The water will be jammed this weekend, so exercise more caution and load up a few extra chill pills at the busy spots.

Should be a good one. Welcome all sorts of new folk.

Some other things ...

Surfism 25 Oct - Update

As previously batched, were all set for the public premiere of Al Mennies "Driven" at Surfism, Sandinos, 25 October.

###STOP PRESS### … Keeping things in the world of high quality celluloid … Jay "Scorjayzee" Dords, speaking to me from his secluded retreat in Biarritz, has also agreed to screen his 5 min short "On the Lamb". Its about halyins from here on skatin-boards in LA a few years back. That being so, I'll also screen my amateur opus "Enless Whunter" (2005, UK/Ire/BT47, 14 mins). Featuring The Shimbop Drop, Bulla, The Thickenin' Trail, Cherel Swell and too much fire and drink. And Rancheros. Tasty.

By the way, the fancy vote thing I tried to attach last week didn’t work. Can a squad of you {encode="" title="mail me"} a quick 'yes' if youre planning to go to this event. Helps us plan.

Forecasts and Info

1. Full weekend text cast as usual at:

2. Or if youre out and about of a weekend and want the audio to your mobile, text "surf" to 81010 (15p)

Water temps. Still mild eh? Check this visual. Were still surrounded by the tail end of the Gulf Stream. Not long now though till it recedes, and we shiver.

Pete, Bundo:

"The swell should start arriving this afternoon with a bang with saturday looks like a sick surfing day. The waves should be at least 4 foot and clean at the reefs … fickle spots may turn on. Sunday should offer similar conditions but the swell may back off for a while … if you are inexperienced it is not a good weekend to be surfing reefs…"

New Gallery

She's up ... Featuring Joe El Salvador, Irish booger, local pollution, Macklin, Alan Doherty. Link.

Pressure Charts

Back in the days before t'internet and charts, most surfers used Michael Fish, dodgy velcro stick-on clouds and old school pressure charts as a guide to swell conditions. They still exist, albeit modern and fancy. Harder to read than fancy animated online jobs, but arguably more accurate for the weather heads among you. I stumbled across the link this week. Keeperinyerfaves.

Niamh, DAC. More stoke …

"I don't often do this, but the surf is going to be great this weekend. We have had amazing weather and surf all week, and it is set to continue. Whether it is to watch the experts or to paddle out in decent waves yourself, THIS IS A GREAT WEEKEND TO COME TO BUNDORAN".

New - Yoga for NW Surfers

Loads of locals have been talking about yoga for a while now. Surfers all over the world rave about yoga and its surfing benefits for balance, muscle tone etc, and I know there have been classes down in Bundo etc. So, for NW surfers, heres a new thing … Clare Harkin (Mrs Shimmy) is to start new yoga classes specifically for surfers at the end of the month. Twill be here in the city, above Whispers in the Diamond. 24 squid for 6 consecutive Tuesdays. For more info, email Clare herself at: {encode="" title=""}

Ger McGahey - Worlds

While 'yak surfers suffer on the HYS forum … local paddler Ger McGahey has been selected to represent N Ireland at the Surf Paddle World Championships at Mundaka. They leave today. Ger is the guy in the red van who is out there, hard core and four seasons. Four of us had a radical session earlier this week as N Donegal went head high and glassy at last light. He leaves today for the big wave mecca of N Spain:

"The NI team is in with a good chance of coming home in the top 3 and there are a few of the squad members who will be looking to come back with medals in the individual events. Keep an eye out on the site for updates, hopefully we’ll get something more consistent than the ASP are getting at the minute".

A sound man, and all the best to Ger and all the others. For whatever reason, tiny N Ireland has some of the top blokes on the planet at this sport, including the world champ Johnny Bingham. If all goes well, we should be challenging America for a podium in Spain. Some acheivement if we even get close. The guys have a pretty neat site at: . Keeperhandy.

More Fancy Car Stickers ...

The last ones went well, and we just got a small load more of the surf/batch car stickers. If you missed that last call, or want another one, mail your home address to Lou at: {encode="" title=""} - admin, post and packaging for the competitive price of nought pence. I've a wee load in the wagon too if you're up at the break.

NWSC Update

Eoin mails the latest from the Club:

"The intercounties are on this month this month, (21st and 22nd) … we are trying to gauge how many would be interested in participating. We are hoping to send a couple of teams and it should be a bit of craic. If anyone wants to know more or is interested, send me an email so we can work out numbers as accomodation will need to be organised. Next meeting and movie night: 18th of Oct at 7:30 in the 19th Hole in bridgend. All welcome."

That mail is: {encode="" title=""}

Irish Intercounties

Another reminder. Rossknowlagh. 21 Oct. Check

Weekend charts look incredible

But they were good last weekend too - and it ended up just okay up north. Lets hope the swell shapes up all over…

Catch plenty…