How's Everyone…

What a week. Altho its lulled again, I'm still beaming with recent stoke, as are most of the rest of the surfers round here. Twas sunny as summer. Offshore like a dream for a week. And a swell last weekend especially that would register well up the scale of any spots, any where. Water still baltic though, but what a treat to feel the sun when you surface with a full ice-cream head. Water is taking its time to warm any.

I have it on good authority that Tom Craig has been spotted babysitting on the beach with young baby Finn, while Helen gets back in the water. Good on the pair of them - Finn is the cutest kid I've ever seen. And what a great name for a surf-kid. Up there with Pebbles or Sandy. Boardshort even.


What a difference a week makes …. Big beefy swell of late has turned to a dribble, and the weekend up north looks meagre. Port will struggle to go much over waist high at best in light onshores, with north donegal not far behind. There is a chance of some decent stuff at Bundo and further out west on Sat and Sun. Light NE winds predominate all weekend, so try the big W, SW or NW facing spots that have shelter at the north end.

My bet? A sleeper mostly for the Causeway. Bundo early Saturday should have some action. Hit the very biggest spots further west at the optimum tide times and you may get a decent ride on Sat/Sun. There should be sun though, so maybe a blast on the old longboards will be in order. Full 'cast next week as usual.

Instructors Needed.

For any multiskilled local waterfolk among you, Creggan Country Park is a big greenacre site in the heart of Derry - great spot - with loads of watersports courses. Anne Marie mails this:

"We have a number of vacancies for casual watersports instructors (particularly windsurfing, sailing, kayaking and canoeing,) for immediate start. Please visit the following page for further details.

New Whiterocks Cam

Westbay have added a Whiterocks cam to their site, but say they'll only continue it as long as it "enough online sales are generated to pay for the extra time and expense involved". Make up your own mind. Link:


People of Strandhill, beware. Paul Macklin, 41, fugitive, is a man of threadbare character. Thought to have part Irish DNA, but he has been on the run in Australia for some years now, oddjobbing and making a general nuisance of himself among the good folks of Coogee and Maroubra in Sydney. I have it on good authority that he plans to return to Ireland - Strandhill to be precise - to "start a new life" in around Easter. Dodgy character. Can surf. Can dive, but the bar bill will not be worth it for anyone fool enough to take him on …. Approach with full winter caution - 6 mil, booties, hoodie and gloves for sure.

"This Life We Live"

Jay has Youtubed some of his nicest Irish surf pics with a stylish slideshow and a bitta music. A few Maroc etc as well. Featuring Bates, 'Zoo, Mickma, Ozzy on vocals and Tara the surfdawg. Pure lush on a full screen. Link:


Half the country was on it this week. What a perfect week of sunny offshores. Ger's been diggin deep:

"just back from the beach, more long board fun in the sun. headin back out this evenin, again. Man this weather and off shore wind is the biz. The sunset up here last night was unbelievable …"

Mart McNeeleey up at Port too:

"hey man, what a great and I mean great sesh this AM. Warm sun, no clouds, glass water, 2ft maybe 3 at times, consistent. Only probs were a bit of closing out and the water still being a bit chilly - it was my first this year without the hood on. Given that it was snowing last week - what a turn around. Only 2 others out"

That’s it.

Not much else to report this week.

Well done to young Bosco McCauley for getting a 2nd in the Juniors U18 Boogers in the Nationals last weekend - his first time competing.

V small swell this weekend up here.

Get longboards, or store up domestic brownie points for the next big hit ...