How's Everyone …

Swells eh? … never cease to amaze me. Just when we were getting ready to go all 3mil, boot-free and summery for the quiter time of year … bang … and a huge winter-like hit midweek had the local lineups chirping like birds. Even the quieter sheltered spots went well overhead and clean at last light. Chargers like Christy T had it all day till they couldn’t lift their arms anymore. Some guys were in 5 hours+. It has its problems too - Rory got a bad injury to the head (see below).

Conall and Josh were good for some head high and heavy mush up N Donegal last night - good crack to surf on a builder's yard once in a while.

Apart from that … its looking like small decent swell for the next while. Full cast below.

Some other things...

Rory - Head Injury

Locals might have heard that Derrys 'Liquid Surf Co' shop owner Rory McCloskey got badly cut midweek in the big swell. A fin sliced him deep into the crown of the head, and after a late episode in the hospital, he had to get staples. People were all acting the maggot in the car park with the blood etc [and the story will lose nothing in the telling] but it was a bad one. I'll gallery the injury, which serves as a reminder about the dangers of fins, especially in big, fast setups. Rory mailed this update on his progress y'day:

"Thanks a million to all the guys at the beach that looked after me. I was waiting in casualty until 3am before they stapled me head together again. I also got my head x-rayed as they were worried that I might have fractured my skull but thankfully this was not the case. Apart from a bit of a stiff neck I'm feeling fine. That was my first serious injury in 15 odd years of surfing which ain't bad. I should be back in the water in a weeks time, swell permitting.See you in the lineup, R"

All locals wish Rory a speedy return brine-ward. I hear Mark Leonard got a bad hit to the face midweek too, but Ive no details.

NW Surf Club Update

Some of you want to know the crack ref the explorartory meeting held recently in Derry about forming a NW Surf Club. Josh Einsle mails the latest:

"About 25 + people showed up and the majority of attendees agreed that forming a surf club would be a good idea. There was also much discussion about possible purposes and directions that the club could be taken. It was eventually agreed that much of this discussion would be postponed until what will be term the first AGM of the Northwest Surf Club. I agreed to send out to the mailing list created at the meeting sample versions of a club constitution and descriptions of the various officers positions. If you would like to be added to the email list send an email to {encode="" title=""}"


Finally, we get all sorts of mellow electronica into the station - the kinda stuff that surfers get off on - and heres one artist in particular who has featured on Steves "Electric Mainline" show. Its knocked me out this past few weeks too. He calls himself Dextro, and if you have 6 minutes to spare, check this new dreamy video/single track called Hearts and Minds from the album Consequence Music on Groenlandrecords. The video is class.


~ Tomorrow (Sat). Indie Delights goes old school, Masons till late, no band just indie BIG tunes old n new. Surf friendly.

~ Due to the airport closure, the James Brown funk outfit tonight in Sandinos has been cancelled

Catch plenty,



Friday 25th May and its sunny but changeable here in the city today. Webcams today and Portrush is 2 foot and messy … La Hinch 1 foot and messy, and Peter reckons that Bundoran will have small waves, but nothing special. Donegal last night, head high, but a bit cold and wild.

The forecast, and after a midweek swell of the highest quality, this north west wind has put paid to any classic surf on the cards. Decent sized swell is still rattling the bigger spots today, dropping off, but north westerly winds continue to mess things up. By Sunday and Monday things drop right back, waist to chest high at best up north.

Weekend winds vary from moderate west to northerlies, so shelter will be hard to find. My bet? Saturday evening at the big spots in light winds.

This week saw two local surfers get injuries in the water, one serious. As the summer brings more and more people back to the water, always give time and space to your fellow water users. And surf safe. The Magic Seaweed, Irish Surfer and Irish Surf Association websites have all sorts of good information. Or join our online ‘batchcast’ community for regular surf updates and online features.