Producing a documentary surf film takes perseverance, patience and a lot of luck. Not too many companies are interested in dropping dough into your pockets to make films happen and seeking their support almost makes it too much like a job. As most of my films have come along simply by going with the flow, this project is no exception. Earlier this year (2007) while filming in Peru for my upcoming film about the country’s ancient surf culture I was invited to Hawaii by the people traveling within our group. Felipe Pomar and his friend spoke highly of the waves at their local breaks and with plenty of stoke about the stand up paddle being done there on big waves.

I’ve been drawn to producing films which are cut slightly from a different cloth then most surf films. The films ‘Single Fin Yellow’ and ‘Far Shore’ pop into my mind when thinking about where I draw my inspiration from rather than those of fast cuts of surfing action with not much substance. As the year wore on my finances dwindled but the passion for surfing and documenting it kept a blaze. I’d tell my friends, I’ve never been so broke and traveled so much in a year. All the travel has been due to the many hook ups I’ve received from people who are stoked over my work. Mainly private individuals willing to provide me a house to stay in for free, dinner, crazy discounted flights, vehicles to use both terrestrially and aquatically for the sole purpose of producing a film which will benefit our tribe through sharing of the stoke.

Throughout the year my friend in Hawaii has been asking if and when I’ll be flying to Hawaii to film big wave SUP. I kept hoping for a change in the financial weather but nothing seemed to happen no matter how much I let go of it. In one of his latest emails he asks what the deal is of me coming to Hawaii? After months of putting it off I tell him I won’t be able to make it, due to cash flow. It seems every time I let go of wanting something so badly it comes back many fold…

Two days later my friend in Hawaii responds with news his neighbor friend who happens to be a retired United Airlines pilot is willing to put me onto his buddy list to fly from Florida over to Hawaii round trip for next to nothing! I know, I couldn’t believe it either. Well it gets better. The LA to Hawaii legs of the trip are first class. And it keeps getting better. Another one of my friends friends is providing his van for me to use during the two weeks I’ll be producing the project. Soon after, he informs me Felipe Pomar will provide one of his guns, a Brewer 10’8”, to use while there. Needing a place to rest and call home while out there my Hawaiian friend offered up to share his home with me. There it is, a film with so much good karma already will no doubt flow and be reflected within the project itself.

Just this morning I received word from C4 Waterman’s, Todd Bradley, that one of their team riders Kalani Vierra will be interested in being involved. Of course my friends at Surfers Path are involved by providing a vehicle to tell the story behind the story through this blog and then later through a feature article on recycled pulp splashed with a bit of natural ink. I don’t know what to expect while out in Hawaii other than I’ll be going down a path with plenty of surprises, adventure, good people, good times, surf (hopefully epic) and get to bring all of the goodness back for everyone within our tribe to enjoy. I rarely plan an exact shooting schedule as I feel it hinders the natural progression of life so check back for more updates during the production phase out in Hawaii as I never know what will happen next.

Stay stoked till next time and support our efforts by sending a good word or two for everyone involved.

Remember, spread the love and when you’re not expecting it hopefully it will come back to you,