Yesterday, after surfing my first several days in the Islands I choose to take a day off to film/photo. The swell had finally picked up but the rains from the night before made the water a nice milk chocolate. The rains also woke up many of the waterfalls in the surrounding mountains which lay dormant upon my arrival and drew animated lines into the already majestic landscape. The inconsistent lighting conditions of heavy overcast skies proved challenging to shoot and combined with the untypical Hawaiian water clarity good shots were hard to come by. None the less set waves were bombing onto the reefs at around 8-10 feet Hawaiian with some of the faces dwarfing the riders by four times overhead. Amazing.

There were a handful of people riding SUPs and some showing good style and technique. Only a few of the SUP surfers took on the bigger waves while the others opted for the average size waves not wanting to loose their paddles as tends to be the norm when wiping out or bailing on the bigger ones. From the previous evenings brief encounter with Hawaiian Waterman, Kalani Vierra, I managed to film but a few of his masterful SUP rides. Within the next several days I'm hoping to talk with and interview several individuals who are making a difference in SUP technique as well as board design. The trade winds this morning are wasting no time in making their presence felt and should provide good offshore conditions. The cloud cover seems to be less intrusive and hopefully will allow for better filming.

Stay tuned from my next installment from blue Hawaii.