After last weekend's sub zero madness, Spring seems to have arrived well and good this week. Good sunny dawnage this morning and a whole squad was on it up North: Shim, Ronan, T, Steeze, J etc. Twas the first morning of the year so far when you arrived to a sunny offshore break and felt pure healthy about the climate. [A tear in the eye of Billy and all locals overseas at the thought no doubt].

This is an allcomers weekend. Nothing massive, but plenty of options. All spots will be offshore for most of the next 3 days or more. Port might not get so much size - waist high upwards? But, right time and place out west, it should go overhead at some spots. [Hopes the Juniors get some at Port]

Clocks change on Sunday too, so a raised glass to all who have pined for the later evening light of Spring proper, and the extra time to get surfing after work/college. Relief.

Full 'cast below.

Other things...

BBC Short Surf Film - Takers?

Basically theres going to be a new series of "wee shorts" on the telly up here. Trendy slo-mo kind of ideas. Basically, Cathy wants to do one on surfing. No money I don’t think, just the crack and getting yer bakes on the telly:

"Hi I'm Cathy, I'm making a 3 minute surf film for the BBC. It will be using Time-Lapse technology to compress a day at the beach with surfers into 3 minutes. I'm looking for any surfers that can, with a few days notice, turn up at a particular beach and surf. The beach will either be one in Portrush/Portstewart or one in Donegal, you can specify which you'd prefer and we'll go with majority vote. You can also let me know if you'd rather be just a surfer in the background or one of the main focuses of the film. It will be broadcast on TV in a couple of month's time. It will be filmed on a Saturday or Sunday in the next few weeks, so the sooner you contact me the better. You can email me at if you're interested or want to know more details. Thanks! Cathy"

Maybe best if a lineup or group of surf-mates took this on, to get numbers. If one lineup is keen, agree it with Cath, let me know and I'll update everyone else who gets this mailing. Others may want to tie in, etc.

Big Bore - Martin Aaron

Exactly … but this is the bore surfing we're talking. Mart and some of the Wales crew headed towards the Severn Bore this week - a freshwater wave that goes back upstream on occasional pushing tides. Bores can be the longest waves on the planet, ending up as much a test of endurance as surfing. Heres the Environment Agency blurb on it:

"The Severn Bore has been known to reach two metres in height. Its average speed is 16km per hour.The Severn Estuary experiences the second highest tide anywhere in the world, and the difference between the lowest and highest tide in any one day can be more than 14.5 metres. High or spring tides occur on several days in each lunar cycle throughout the year."

And it seemed Mart' survived: "Nice 2ft+ clean wave, offshore travelling at a fair old rate of knots our way! We opted for the far bank and along it came, I took out a boogie boarder early on - no room for them! and 3 of us got up and rode successfully. Kkev myself and some old bore legend were the last ones up and riding, around 2 miles upstream! the walk back with boards was a killer as was trying to get out of the river with a few million tons of sea water raging up the wrong way.. In places I could feel my fin scraping the bottom as the river struggled to keep up as the tide sucked back, pretty fast too. I came off near the next bend where it gets good again thanks to one lone asshole booger who having missed the wave...grabbed onto my leash! I towed for a bit but lost speed. He claimed he'd gotten tangled in my leash..anyways I'd had a good run so there we go."

Theres even a formal boreriders club. Link:

And finally, some more good pics and chat on the bore-surfing-thing at:

Pipeline Cam

I know many of you folk overseas know its there, but most of us don’t. Jay mails this link to a live cam at Pipeline. Takes a while to download, and clicks off after about 20 seconds once youre in. Good to see them get onshore slop on occasion there too tbh. At least it was when I looked. Plus remember, the time is different, so your cam-time might be in the dark. Link:

Stoked Folks this week include:

Dec Nixon …: "Ill be home for easter so hopefully meet up for cheeky surf then. Still keepin at the ol surfin but its only every2weeks at Newquay so im absolutely ITCHIN to get back to some decent cold surf haha. Peas love and happiness, Dec"

J: "what a treat this morn,, the few good waves that came through were a bonus. tans all round says I"

Donegal Adventure Centre

Based in Bundo, Collie and the guys are all qualified and weve added their site to our "Surf School" page. New folk might be interested to see the various Irish providers who offer qualified surf tuition. Surf School Link:" title="">

Troggs Junior Comp - Reminder

As per last week, the Junior Champs is this weekend up at Port. Should be some nice small sunny surf for the groms:

"Contest next sat and sunday 24/25th march troggs junior causeway coast surfing championships. The categories are U18 Surf, U16 Surf, U14 Surf, U18 Girls Surf, U18 Longboard and U18 Bodyboard. There should be a good turn out as it is the final selection event for the junior team to compete at the Worlds in May. Meeting at the new watersports/surf centre on east strand sat morning 9am. all the best and thanks again. Andy Hill"

That’s bout it.

Weekend looking nice.

Catch plenty,