How's Everyone…

September swell central, and its good… real good. For a change Bundo struggles - this one favours the north...

Midweek, and Evening Glass-off hunters were on it till dark on head high reef perfection. Kieran, Shim, Jay, Sinead, Mark L, Keith, Eoin etc were all on that … bliss.

The network has been alive with expectation all week, and finally a solid swell hit the coast overnight. 300 deg, 15 foot @ 13secs on the bouys. Those who took today off up north were richly rewarded, as dawn patrollers report 8 foot peeling walls of puurrrfection earlier today. The early weekend looks potentially top drawer as well.

Not much time here today - radioland is chocka. Choose your surf based on the wind this weekend. Loads of waves, so tie them into any south or south west winds ....

Sunday is looking stormy...

Other stuff:

New Gallery - 26

Shes just up … featuring Billiard Oz, Orgun, Aron Reid and Shimbop Wedding (aaahhhh….) See it here.

Donegal Eyeball

Iain has cancelled some lessons today as the shorebreaks are huge. Confirms 8 foot sets up north, but (1pm) is waiting for the wind to settle on it some.

Bundo - Pete

The swell has stayed too far North for Bundo to crank today. Heres Pete's call for the weekend:

"Tomorrow is looking like the pick of the weekend, with solid waves and offshore winds. The swell will have dropped off a little by tomorrow, but it should still be in the 4 to 5 foot range at most beaches in the area. Sunday will see the swell picking up again so we will still have plenty of waves but the winds will swing onshore again, so it will not be as clean."

NWSC Event

Iain mails:

"22nd/23rd September is a Wildstyle comp were we have 2 divisions Novice( under 2 years surfing) and Open, where competitors will ride whatever board they like long or short. The day will also kick off with a beach clean up and end with a bbq."

'Oceanfest' Info.

Niamh posts the latest…

"September 28th-30th … great music line-up, great craic, Surf lessons Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning 35 euro per person. Friday night entertainment: Red Kid + Delorentos admission 10 euro Chasin’ Bull Saturday night entertainment Frank & Walters admission 10 euro Chasin’ Bull Half price entry to Bundoran Cineplex ‘Surf’s Up’ all weekend. For more details see "


Some surftastic scenery etc, but the new one by Shamus of Jay skating is just up. Tis class. Link.


A whole lotta boards in the area this week…

~ Doolie: "Hello all you just to let anyone that might have a board for sale Im on the lookout for a mini mal or longboard for a friend who is interested in getting started. Condition not really that important as long as its water tight and floats it will do anything above the 7ft 6 mark will be grand. Let me know if you have one or know someone who has one cash waiting."

~ Jay: "reversed my new van over my ol' stick, the Dahlberg will be cremated at a public service on the beach on sats" ...

~ Lulabelle (from Have your Say) : "Anyone know of any cheap longboards going? And I mean CHEAP!"

Do we need an exchange section? Irishsurfer have a section on that already, but would batchers want a Swop/Sale kinda section ??

Other Ocean / Enviro

Bush aide 'Warming is Manmade'. Rare 'Mining Bee' Stronghold. Greenland Benefits from Warming. Gorilla Extinction Risk.

Surf stickers are in the post. Great response there. Only a handful left.

Good luck to Sig on his Donegal stag this weekend - the swell gods shining there.

That’s it this week…

Serious excitement in the ranks.

Lets hope tonight and 2moz are all that…

Catch plenty