How's Everyone…

Longboarders, are you on it? What a perfect day for surfing here in Ireland. Winter sun, small swell and light offshores. Was tempted, but realised that the sub-zero dawn has all but got the better of me this year. Plus, my heating packed up and big Steve was at hand for a bitta first aid. Hope T-man, Sig etc got some tho … they went for the dawnie.

The various networks quieten some at this time of year. Jan and Feb are the coldest water months here, and the seas empty of sofa surfers, leaving hard core types, passers through and weekend warriors.

Welcome to new folk at home and abroad … Michael, PJ etc. Good to have you. A big hello to the Senegal massive.

Some other stuff…

Yoga For Surfers #2

After last season’s success, Clare Harkin (Mrs Shimmy) was on the radio this week to talk about her new Pilates (5.30pm) and Yoga for Surfers (6.30pm) classes. Next 6 Tuesday nights above Whispers in the Diamond, Derry. Surfers swear by this stuff, and these classes are pretty darn cheap - 4 squid a pop. Majority surf blokes going at the minute, so more surf-gals would be good. Says Clare. .. And say all those blokes.

Rare Turtles

Marine Conservation Society has concerns about rare turtles being washed up off the west coast of Scotland lately. Apparently the strong SW winds have been an unusual factor. 2 loggerheads have both washed up dead and also a Kemp's Ridley - the world's rarest species of marine turtle.

Basically they might look dead if you ever stumble on one, but the cold water here that they drift into, shuts them down. So as surfers, the MCS is urging anyone who walks or works on UK or Irish beaches to look out for stranded turtles this winter.

RSPCA 08705 555999

Marine Environmental Monitoring 01348 875000

Portrush Countryside Centre on 70 823600

Live turtles should not be put back in the sea, but placed in a dry, sheltered place until animal welfare experts can collect them for rehabilitation. Obviously-dead or stranded turtles should also be reported to MEM or online at where information and photographs are available to help identification.

SUP Assoc

I know a few of you have been getting your hands on Stand Up Paddle Boards lately. Just noticed that a new UK Association has been set up.

Cois Farraige

Another wee reminder in from Naomi that this new 10-part series kicks off this Tuesday…

“… meeting the top surfers in the country, trying out a huge array of activities, exploring the magnificent beaches and islands along the way. For those of you wondering - Channel 6 is a new Irish TV station that's available on NTL/Chorus on 106 and on 190 on SKY.”

Aerial Pics

Check this site from Gary McCall. Theres surf pics, but also go in, click on your area, and you get some great aerials of NI, ROI and wider UK. Some aerial pics in particular might help you wire other spots where you already surf.


Text update on this from Dunfanaghy in N Donegal. Once saw surfboards in a closed window-front there. Maybe the same place, anyways, the news is – there's a new shop in the isolated N West. Good to know if youre on the road that way, and needing stuff.

Ok that’s it.

Catch plenty,