Now, I'm all for design progress and breakthroughs in technology, but something deep within my soul finds this truly disturbing. It's a mutation that brings to mind the question: why the hell do we surf, anyway? Is it the rush? The thrill of the speed and G-forces we feel when we're flying on a wave? Maybe that's all it is and, hell, if we can get it from some other craft, what's so wrong about that? Is it the desire to match and even overcome the power of the ocean? Maybe for some it is. Maybe some people want to overpower the sea, not tap into its energy. Not me, but maybe in Orange County that's where its at.

Or is it something far less tangible, more simple and somehow ... quieter?

The best thing about this is the disclaimer that the company puts at the bottom of their web page:

"Powerski does not condone the use of Jetboards in surf or swim areas. Any individual who chooses to do so may face criminal prosecution and/ or fines. The sport of Jetboarding is recommended for use in isolated areas for maximum enjoyment and safety."

Bless them.

I should be careful what I say. One: I've never tried it. Two: these things could be everywhere in the blink of an eye. Jeez, maybe I can even get a job as editor of a new Jetboard magazine! 'The Jetboard Journal' has a nice ring to it. Classy.

Thanks to Gary Lynch for turning me on to this ... kinda ...