My name is Beau Flemister. I am 25 years old from Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii. I graduated from the University of Hawaii with a BA in English two years ago and now I’m just travelling, pursuing (sort of) a writing career, and to pay the bills-I-mean-airfare, I valet park the cars of Hawaii’s rich tourists. Hey- 2007 was a good year in the biz!

At home, thanks to my island’s perfect position in the Pacific ocean coupled with my island’s blessed nearshore reef formations I can and do surf nearly every single day. But probably, maybe even moreso than surfing, I enjoy travelling. I’ve been to nearly forty different countries, studied abroad in Europe and South America, and since the renewal of my passport in 2003, I’ve had to get (2) US embassy issued extra pages add-ons. The look on a Samoan customs officer’s face after you’ve just kindly asked her to ‘try and fit one more stamp on this page’[pointing to the specific box]- priceless.

So yeah, basically I save a small, and I mean small, fortune half the year and then I blow it- the next half of that year. Usually to some exotic surf destination. Right now, I’m currently engaged on an 8 month RTW trip to some lesser known, yet hardly unknown, countries in search of surf and hopefully some memorable human interactions along the way. Many of these countries are ‘hot zone’areas (regions of political conflict or tension) which though positive for the crowd factor inversely equates to kind of negative for the safety factor. But with a little common sense, a cigarette for a tense soldier, and a polaroid picture-gift for a shifty taxi driver, you’d be surprised how a ‘hot zone’could become so cool. Aaaaahh-I think I’m gonna barf.