How's Everyone…

Again, despite plenty of swell at the doorstep, there were lie-ins (no names), and very little reported locally midweek. But that was after another decent weekend of head high reefage - jAy, Shim, Billiard, Steeze and Ronan all on that. Noticeably lighter now in the evening, and really mild for deep winter. Mild this weekend too.

Again, the weekend is lining up though. The Causeway Coast will get loads this time for sure.

Some other stuff…

Gallery 34

Featuring Conall Maroc, Macklin and jAy pics. Our online is slow today, so 34 is in the queue and still uploading as I type, so check it from “surf gallery” in an hour or so.

Causeway Erosion

There was global interest about the erosion of the Giants Causeway this week – our only World Heritage Site. But I bet if you asked a dozen local surfers, they’d say “what odds? Coasts erode regardless”. It always struck me as a rocky old spot that doesn’t really break anyways … best maybe to leave it to the tourists. Link below on that. Full story.

Uni Surf on Telly

ITV local will be covering the BUSA Surfing Championships 2008, from Fistral Beach Newquay next month, on its new ITV Local West Country Online Channel. You can upload clips etc. Shauna [Ward] was saying she hopes to make it over this year again, and prob a good old squad of other locals too.

Otherwise, here's the BUSA site.


Interesting that Bundoran got panned (again) in the latest Lonely Planet out this week…

"one of Ireland's tackiest holiday resorts… An assortment of unappealing arcades and fast-food diners".

Maybe so, review like that might mean a bit more wave space down there at ‘HQ’.

Friday Afternoon Wave?

Can you guys inbox’s cope with a ‘Friday Afternoon Wave’ picture attached to this batch of a Friday? just as a wee set up for the weekend? Maybe the text only format is better, as its pretty small. The batch, inc Wave-pic would become about 250 KB. Its about 100KB at the mo. Anyone mind that?


Good to hear from various folks overseas this week.

~ The Proctors on Tour. Derry’s most in lurrrvvve surf doo-et continue down the global road: “Big hello from Fergus & Jennifer all the way from South America. Over half way through the 3 month trip now. Been surfing in Costa Rica and making our way now to Chile to catch some more waves. Having a ball. Check out the photos. Seeyou in March”

~ Mike in Oregon: “Nelscott Reef tow-in contest was a good one. We had waves with forty foot faces. One set came thru at 60'. And to add to the drama a Great White decided to come for a visit. It was just curious and left, at least everyone was hoping that at the time. Hope all is well with you and yours. Aloha

~ Colm and Sharon, Derry: “We're just heading to Jeffrey's Bay now should be there in a couple of hours. Me and himself are going to give the oul surfin a lash. Sure it must be easy when your man from the Guinness advert can do it after all them pints.” PS: himself is 60+, top effort.

~ Mekenas, en route to San Diego: “We are going to attend the trade show down there, so we won't have much time for the visiting, but I will still get in the water.... Surf this morning was great, hit the cove..... Long ass lefts! but frigging cold!”

Catch plenty,