No chicken. Little at work, shot by Sean Davey

More mainstream press surfing shizzle. This time it's the UK's Guardian newspaper randomly, but admirably, running a feature on the photos of Clark Little (bro of Brock). Someone at 'the Grauniad' has good taste because Little's shots are really special. Creating a unique niche as a surf photographer on the North Shore can't be easy, but Little has pulled it off thanks, maybe, to his local knowledge, his experience as a surfer/bodyboarder and the fact that he seems happy to spend time standing, lying or being mercilessly flung by brutal shorebreaks like Waimea Bay, Sandy Beach and Ehukai Sandbar. The results are crystaline, roomy tube visions the likes of which non-surfers on the other side of the world will no doubt enjoy as much as I did. Congratulations to Mr Little, and to the Guardian for their excellent taste in imagery.

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