Hows Everyone…

It's happening. Along with yeller forsythia buds, the lineups are starting to come to life again. The evening light is here again till October, and with it, surfers of all abilities return to the water in increasing numbers. People complain about summer surf crowds. Personally I don’t mind. Great to renew friendships in the water, and to feel the embrace of full Spring. Life enhancing for sure.

Last Saturday Ger, Keith, Skint and top lidsman Steven and his mate had peeling sunny head-high perfection all to themselves, Donegal. The Port Open got some shred too, but breezy. No real heat in the water yet - shes still Baltic. Only a matter of time till this winter low of 9C gives way to endless boot free possibilities. Talking of winter - a chance of sleet this weekend, dammit.

On the positive side though, I just saw Port is up one degree as of today 8C to 9C, so that should be the start of the warming proper.

Welcome to new folks as always.

Some other stuff …

Friday Afternoon Wave

…And it’s a sunny lil’ swimout earlier this week from our man in Cannon Beach, Amhuricay:

“waited for these 2 to catch a wave, but didn't see it happen..... they did pass on a few nice ones.......”

Gallery 38

Tis up. Featuring Jeffries Bay, Jay Donegal and Port Open.

UK Marine Bill

Long awaited, long consulted, and the implications of UK Marine Bill will be huge if it ever makes it through. The Bill will cover all sorts of things from fisheries, to wind farms, protection zones, sea floors, dolphins etc etc. Most importantly, it deals with the enforcement of environmental laws. Early soundings in the environmental communities seem to be concerned that the Bill wont go far enough in these and other areas. Let's see…


Pete Mayne is home again:

“about 30 degrees colder than Oz but the perfection [here] means you don't notice it too much”.

Andy Hill (Port Open):

“ … just want to thank Causeway Coast surf Club, ISA, Coleraine Borough Council and everyone who helped in Judging beach marshalling tabulation etc for what was a fantastic event, good surf bit of sunshine and some good surfing, thanks to Adam Frew from flowerfield arts centre who designed the trophies, new pics on Surfing Ireland website.”

Mekenas, Oregon

“Got out this morning, had a ball..... outside sets were overhead and had some juice. best wave of the day was Dreadlock Jim, yacking, and feeding the fish… yep, one of those days...”

Al Mennie Site

Some of you prob have it already, but here's Al’s site. It has clips of his big wave riding, short films etc, and some footage of that huge Dec 07 action... Nice site.

Penguins – “Miracle of Evolution”

This is the next BBC ‘landmark’ (ie v expensive) natural world series. So, do penguins fly?

Port Open

Cant find the darn results from last weekend anywhere.

Gabe Davies

English surfer, pretty popular over here too. Real nice guy. He's been made a patron of the new surf museum over in Blighty.

Surf Crime

Gull sent this link to a site that deals with crime againsts surfers in Wales.

Paranoid Park

For skaters, or just film fans, Magic Lantern, Derrys underground cinema club have a screening of Gus Van Sant’s Oregon skate film ‘Paranoid Park’ in Derry this weekend. It’s a movie, not a doc.

“Don't miss this amazing film showing Sunday 6th April at the Orchard Cinema St. Columb's Hall at 4pm. Hope to see you there! {encode="" title="Rosemary Quinn"}. ”

That’s it.

Chilly tomoz.

Catch plenty…