How's everyone…

Excited? You better be. Shes a comin .. But a bit of a mixed bag surfwise up north of late. Twas flat. Then midweek, lastlight and that small blip of swell made for some shoulder high, crosshore stuff. Good to get a decent grind. Got a belter solo session right up till dark. But here we go .... Irish surf services are eagerly await the arrival of a deeper swell tomorrow, which for a change will be accompanied by offshore wind. Pete urges a caution from Bundo - it will be LARGE out there - and with tides running high, local rips will be firing just as much as the surf. Large up north too, and the Causeway should be all but perfect at times.

Surf aside, it was a terrible week for tragedies locally on land and at sea. All sorts of other difficulties for the coastal services and some sober reminders that the sea is boss. Amazing how the flatter summer seas seem to claim so many more lives. There are more folk at the coast of course, but such a damn shame that people get into diffs so easily, and at such a cost.

Surf? For sure. Tomorrow is the best things have looked in months. All over should grind, especially out west, but for a change the Causeway should light up some as well. Batch 'cast only this week - below.

Other things…


Its good ... Real good. The charts go up to 15+ft tomorrow, and in real terms that means there should be some overhead action. Up to double overhead out west at the biggest breaks. A WSW swell eventually turns more NW, and right into the Causeway coast early tomorrow. Breezy all over. It stays a crankin Sunday too, lulling back early next week.

My bet? Get busy. Tomoz all over. But if youre a newbie or don’t know about rips, exercise serious caution in these bigger conditions. Camerafolk - wipe your lenses and mail some stoke. The perfect window seems to be teatime tomorrow - biggest swell, lightest wind etc. Gloomy at times tho ...

Surfism - Thursday 11 Oct?

Put the date in yer diaries .... Loads of good feedback from the last one….. Don’t wanna do it too often - maybe 3 a year - so weve pencilled in 11 October for a Surfism club night. Will be looking for singers bands etc. Surf friendly stuff - whatever that means. Will update fully in Sept on that ...


Its been the main story in the N Ireland news today. Many of you in the north west might know already that the man killed at the Limavady level crossing yesterday, was local surfer Tom Craigs father, Jim. Tom and Helen are known locally to us all, and Jim was a huge figure in the farming fraternity. He was crossing the line in his tractor when he got hit by the train. Tom and Helen have been at the heart of the local surf scene for years, altho the arrival of baby Finn meant we havent seen them at the coast so much. Ive just spoken to Helen and offered condolences from all of you who've been in touch. Tom is coping, but the next few days will be tough, with both a wedding, and now a funeral on the cards for the Craigs. Tough times indeed. Link.

Massive Surf Lesson

The guys in DAC have been in touch with this event:

"We, and the other surf schools in the area are joining together to run THE BIGGEST SURF LESSON EVER on Tullan Strand at 6pm on Saturday August 18th. All our instructors are going to be there, and we are hoping we will have about 150 surfers and 25 instructors all in the water at the same time. If you want to take part we need you to register your name and either take a sponsorship card (preferred) OR pay some $$$ for doing the lesson. We also have horse riding if you don't fancy getting wet. We're having a beach party in the Chasin Bull on the Friday Aug 17th, to launch the event, and there will be live music and stuff going on on Tullan Strand all day Sat 18th, with the official lesson at 6pm. It should be a great weekend in Bundoran, and the surf lesson will be great craic!"

Contact the organisers at :{encode=" " title=" "}

Irish surfer

After a load of weeks being down … is back online. Totally revamped and looking well I have to say. Tis one of the main portals into the irish surf scene. Well done to Simon and all involved. Keeperinyerfaves…..

NW Surf Club Update

The NWSC recenlty held its first ever proper event, and Iain mails the craic:

"started the day with a beach clean up at Ballheirnan Bay, Fanad, and managed to collect over 20 bags of rubbish from what I thought was a fairly clean beach! After that the barbie was lit, and the hungry hoards got a feed. Then it was on to the practice comp. The waves were typical contest surf, chest high and onshore!! Young shredders Garet and Daniel Lavery made it through to the final, knocking out Ryan Vail and Fanad's John Rowland. The Final was a case of young versus old, as the Lavery boys were up against club chairman Tony Doherty and surf instructor Iain Gilmour. The results were 1st Gareth Lavery, 2nd Iain Gilmour, 3rd Tony Doherty, 4th Daniel Lavery. Everyone who attended had a great day out and with another event planned for August, the North West Surf Club has got off to a great start. Our next club meeting and film night is the 22nd August at Arena 7 , Letterkenny (on the Ramelton rd)."

As it happens, Radio Foyle gardener Brendan Little lives up there, and was taking a walking tour as the cleanup was happening. He and the whole group were totally impressed by the event, the attitude, and the cleanup. Good vibe surely.

"Drift" Online Zine

And while were at it, Howard from Drift wants a word:

"Was wondering … we are looking for any budding oceanographers, marine biologists or wildlife enthusiasts to get in touch with us. We are going to be creating a section on the site and in the magazine for these areas, with the aim of creating a scientific community tied into surfing. … we want to see what kind of community is out there first. Also we are looking for anyone who would like to contribute a few words or photos to our new weekly wave news digest, going out via email every week. If you have any space to advertise this we’d appreciate it. Love the newsletter, keep ‘em coming."

Mail Howard personally at: {encode="" title=""}

Cornwall - "Great White"

Always good crack to watch shark hype when it washes up again over the water in Blighty. This week, The Sun - that great bastion of truthful, hype-free British journalism - featured pictures of a shark with a white belly off Cornwall. Great White? Probably not. Most reckon it was a basking shark. ANOTHER basking shark. But it will add summer interest. And it sold papers. How cynical I have become … I cant even be bothered to put a link up for the "The Sun". It was an "Ah yes, but theyre probably out there arent they? Yes indeed they could well be Trevor..." kind of non-story. That said, one woman who was up close saw big triangular teeth in its mouth, and that aint no basking shark.

Ger - The Never Ending Tour

Why pay tax and make the dinner when you can just drive around your own country with endless supplies of energy, surfage and dive melarky. "Ger McCauley, Ireland. Pure genuine draft (dodger). On tour since 1957". Here he is:

"The tour is officially over..... well until next weekend that is. Off to the Co Sligo open to cheer on the young fella. Hopin for a good weekend. In fact we are away almost every weekend from now until mid October.... man is my sleeping bag gona need a wee wash! Forgot to mention a sadder aspect to the Dingle adventure, 3 dead basking sharks on beaches around Brandon and a dead sea otter. All killed by the nets of illegal salmon fishermen, not pleasant! But for anyone headin down that way, you can now camp on Great Blasket and soak up the unbelievable atmosphere of the place. Am beginning to think I must have been there in another life!"

Gull - Gone…

Word reaches us from the Land of Wales [an english speaking, somewhat pagan Territority of the Union] that Martin Aaron is to be wed this weekend. Mart has been over here a few times and edits the BBC wales surf stuff. His lady is a stunner, but has terrible eyesight. Mart - just this once - we salute you. From the Emerald Isle, every good wish for the big day to you and Antje. He's still getting a surf in though…

"Getting hitched on sat and then off to ecuador for 3 weeks:). Bit of surfing - 'montanita' looks awesome and then cruising around galapagos islands snapping the wildlife for 8-9 days before we go up river towards the amazon for a jungle trek. Adios amigos …."

Lurrrrve …

And speaking of nuptials, local surfer Jenny Neff mails an idea which may interest the lurve-minded among you … : "I was wondering if you could put it out there to all the surfers that Seamus Hannigan and I are making wedding videos with a difference. It's done in an 8mm style -Just like the Wonder Years. The package involves a wee 4 minute montage so you don't have to bore your friends and family by watching the whole day. We split the speeches so you can choose which one you want to watch. It really is something different. We have got great mileage out of Fergus and I and have shown all our friends. Check it out on"

That’s it …

I'm off now for a month surfing to the Land of the Free. Never been to Pacific America - bit nervous to be honest. I'll try and get an occasional batch-lite out via Lou, Josh etc.

Sure keeperlit.

catch plenty