How's Everyone…

Good old weekend past – head and peeling at the right spot, but a quiet week all told. Jay, Ronan etc disappointed at the midweek dawnie, but she’s brewing on cue for the weekend.

Apart from that… very quiet. The weekend is looking great if you can brace these, the coldest few months in the Irish brine. Aloha to Macklin and Shiho in Cote D’Ivoire, and Brook and Corey in Hawaii.

Some other stuff…

Bundo Singles Event

Bundo Surf Co are doing a fun thing for Valentines this year. Its being finalised but…

“We are just finalising the Valentines Single Surfers Weekend and it should be up on the site by start of next week. Feb 15th to 17th. 2 nights B&B, one surf lesson and pizza and sangria night, 99euros pps. +353-71-9841968”


Check this link in from Gul that made the papers - amazing pics of sponger mates of his getting totally wiped in Cornwall 50+ft.

Shark Diver

Eve saw this story. A 67 year old dude called Wolfgang diving with tiger sharks. Nice.

Big old hit shaping up for the end of the week as well.

Causeway gold there? Lets see…

Ok that’s it.

Catch plenty,