How's Everyone…

A sweet week of unseasonably sunny and mild weather here in the old country, and so many reports of stoke. Last weekend went loco and a few of us took our chance in some big stuff. Check new gallery 33 for that. Midweek, pure sunny and clear with frost.

An unusually antipodean flavour this time - no reason in particular. Check the reports of the attacks in Oz. Surfed both damn spots last season with the Sydney crew and cousin Al in Vic. The shark thing still sends a shudder, no matter how much people talk about the “against the odds” thing. Locally, Burgers is just home from LA. Some big old swells on the way by the looks of it for the Surfin’ Santas too. Full casts below.

Back in 2 weeks. Will try and get a quick update out next week if there’s any serious grind happening. Cheers for all you contacts and stoke this past year from home and abroad. The road continues…

Some other stuff…

Gallery 33

She's up – a wee early Christmas pressy. Featuring Ger Port, perfect Jay pics, and Cuba.


Tomorrow is the shortest day. At last. Damn what a relief. So as of Sunday, we get a few precious minutes more of light each day. Soon enough in 08 there’ll be evening light, and the rip up the road to the brine. For now though, its dark innit. Fancy lights, red wine and the Pink Panther box set (just 20 of your sterling squid) – try as they may - have done v little to offset the annual SAD blues this end. Bring on March.

Japanese Halt Humpback Hunt

It seems that just today, the international pressure – from Oz in the main - has made the Japanese stall their plans to resume humpback whaling. The fleet was already at sea, tho they will still kill other whales, just not humpbacks ... for now. Link.

Don on Rip Curl

Senior Aussie surfer Don Munro mails. He’s not happy with the latest plans for a comp at a pristine spot called Gnarloo in Oz.

“Howdy …. rip curl is planning to hold their WCT contest at Gnarloo this coming season 2008, there is a petition going round to oppose it. Sign and send ASAP if you would prefer an untouched area of Australia to remain that way. Or, if you know someone who works at Rip Curl, ask them what they are giving back in relation to what they are receiving from holding an event there? Gnarloo isn’t a secret spot, but it is a fragile area that will need a lot of respect and sensitivity to not be harmed by the circus coming to town …. it's pillage of a delicate & pristine part of the world at any cost in the pursuit of the almighty dollar... Do what you feel."

I don’t know the detail, but there’s serious strength of feeling against the comp in the signatories to date. Feel free. Dons entry on the petition is 2497.

Aussies ‘Save the Caveman’

Radical story from the Bondi cliffs. This guy sees himself as a sort of coastal guardian.

That’s it. Happy Chrimbo to all,

Catch plenty,