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Three Wishes - music by the Windy Hills

Three Wishes - music by the Windy Hills

Alex Dick-Read

Andrew Kidman sent us this smokin’ sasquatch skit that has music from his new album Friend From Another Star.

“The boys from Aqua Surf in San Fran get lost in the woods up North. The Foot saves them and points them in the direction of perfection. The track is – Three Wishes by The Windy Hills from their new album Friend From Another Star available through iTunes.”

Three Wishes by The Windy Hills from Andrew Kidman on Vimeo.

  1. Ohanastyle

    Why would you ever put this video on your site. I grew up where these goons were lost and surfing, but that really doesn’t matter…..Smokin’ weed, and eating wild mushrooms….all but about four mushrooms were they are are species are deadly and would kill those tools and any won else in about an hour. As a Ranger in California, I loaded too many idiots like them into helicopters and had to call their families that they didn’t make it or will never surf again…..Put that vid off your great site before someone thinks they can eat what grows to get high……Ohanastyle

  2. Pugly

    Ohanastyle, I never imagined looking at this vid as a wildlife guide!!!! Thanks fer massive schits and giggles! I think that species of mushroom can also be found in the aisles at Safeway, so be a big hero yet again and let them know before you have to call all those orphans and widows you Ranger rescue stud. Those candy mushys are supposed to look like an amanita muscaria- that look nothing like the death caps and avenging angels you may be referring to btw
    People should stick with alcohol for safe fun, rather than “think they can eat what grows to get high”. Nobody ever loads up drunks in helicopters, right? You would know.
    Seriously, only somebody with your intelligence would take what you have out of this video and for that I congratulate you. If people’s lives depend on you god help us all.

  3. Nat

    Idiots, that’s not nice. Ohanastilo ya sound like a cop with a beard. Everyone love’s police officers.


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