Massive – Volcom’s perfect Pipeline contest

Pipeline put on a A+ show this week for the Volcom Pipeline Pro. Throughout the event the waves ranged from perfect to epic, with Day 3 offering clean, as-big-as-it-gets Second Reefers (with thrid reef wash-throughs). Pipeline regulars excelled, of course, but the 10-pointers mostly went to lesser-known outsiders like New York’s Balaram Stack, costa Rica’s Carlos Munoz and Dylan Graves of Puerto Rico. Come finals day it was still 8-10ft and hitting the ledge just perfect. The final itself belonged to Pipe super-champ Jamie O’Brien, who inserted himself into three 9-point plus rides and sat on a commanding lead … until the last 5 minutes when an out-of-sorts Jon-jon Florence (JJF, even when crook, still sleepwalks into the finals at Pipe) somehow found himself a 10-pointer. This was good, for his ego, but not nearly enough to catch JOB who had 18.4 in the bag. With seconds to go Jon-Jon paddled over to congratulate JOB but saw a slim chance appear out of nowhere. He power-paddled into it, a massive skyscraper jacking out of nowehere and guess what … 9.93 in the final seconds, making Jon-Jon Florence the undisputed king of Pipeline.

Here are three vids – one from the huge day, one from the finals and shorter edit done by Magicseaweed.
Warning – The Volcom vids have music that hurts. The MSW edit goes for a drowsy juxtapose effect, which kinda works.

Day 3 Highlights by Volcom

Finals Day Highights by Volcom:

MSW wrap-up edit:

Volcom Pipe Pro 2012 Highlights from MSW on Vimeo.