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Volcom Does Green - How the Pipeline Pro Sustains

Volcom Does Green - How the Pipeline Pro Sustains

Alex Dick-Read

Here’s something all surf contest organizers should watch and learn from.
Can anyone find an argument against this kind of approach?

  1. tony (ty) carson big isalnd

    Well Alex, I don’t know if I can argue with that kind of approach, but I can argue with the fact, that the dudes who founded volcom, smelled the money recently, and played a good joke on the surf community, and sold volcom to a french fashion company called ‘PPR’. ‘PPR’ owns Yves st Laurent- a women’s fashion company and ‘PPR’ also owns Gucci- which makes high end purses and fashion accessories for women, and now they own volcom. How core is that? What hard core surfer, worth his salt, would wear anything, even indirectly, from a french fashion company? So good luck with your next volcom purse, oops, I mean purchase, and who knows, maybe some of their team riders will starting sporting some Gucci soon.


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