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Tony Alva - Pass the Bucket

Tony Alva - Pass the Bucket

Alex Dick-Read

More positive inspirationism coming from … err … the corporate realm.
This is Vans, but it’s really all Dog Town skate god, Tony Alva, explaining how he finally figured things out.

  1. Casey Morgan

    Good on ya TA

  2. Gene

    Congratulations Tony Alva – Welcome home – may your life be filled with all that God has in store for you.

  3. Surf nazi

    Yep, pass the bucket cos I’m gonna be sick! Does this means Vans do God now?

  4. Surf nazi

    So, comment isn’t free? Was it questioning Tony Alva’s saintly motives, upsetting the sponsors or just spoiling the psuedo-hippy love vibe?
    BTW this post seems as relevant to surfing as Mother Theresa

    1. Alex Dick-Read

      Mr Gwenver Surf Nazi,
      A generation of surfers grew up being influenced by the Alva and the Dogtown crew, so that’s the relevance of posting the film.
      It seemed pretty interesting that this is what’s become of the guy. We can all make of it what we will.
      Pseudo-hippy love or psuedo-Nazi hate – neither one works for us.
      Try Stab.

  5. Markus9494

    The world will be a better place for having had Tony Alva in it, regardless of any religious beliefs. More power to him.


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