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The Sunnyvale Kids

The Sunnyvale Kids

Alex Dick-Read

Can just having fun solve the huge problems facing kids in violent inner cities?
Maybe not, but it clearly helps put a smile on kids’ faces, and that’s a good start.
Beautiful mini-doc by longtime TSP contributor, originally based in Cornwall, now San Francisco, Adam Warmington.

The Sunnydale Kids from Ripple Effect on Vimeo.

“We can’t pretend to fix all of the problems inner city kids face. What we can do is give them a fun day out … ”

Ripple Effect was founded by local surfers:
Ian Glover (Surf Coach)
Tim Gras (Community Organizer)
Adam Warmington (Filmmaker/Photographer)

Any funds raised will go directly towards either organizations that support these kids or looking into out ways to take more and more kids surfing across the bay, potentially nation-wide.

  1. Nunzio Lagattuta

    Totally what these kids need, and every other kid who deals with stress.there’s nothing else like riding waves.I started at 14 years old…I’ll be 64 in another month…still stoked!!!


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