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South of the Border

South of the Border

Alex Dick-Read

By Lyndon Wake
Here’s what Lyndon Wake, Andrew Cotton and Tom Butler got up to during a very average month of surf in Ireland.

South of the Border, Vol. 2 from lyndon wake on Vimeo.

  1. yves

    Sweet, but too cold for my bones. My fat count is just zero.

  2. Massimo

    I would not know.I lived in Ireland for six months in winter,personally I found that it is 99% very much brutally onshore,rainy and unpleasant,hardly any service on the west coast,99% of the land is also private.Guess they caught the only gently offshore day of the year and they must have been waiting a while…

  3. Kevin Mulvey

    Love all these stories and videos from our past and present surfers. Cheers!

  4. Stiofán

    Massimo your comments are laughable and truly ignorant! Perhaps it was just the Winter you were there?

    I’ve had many great Winters in the West Of Ireland. Your 99% comments are way off the mark. Northwest is by far more consistent in Winter. Regarding “service” what are you talking about exactly?

    There’s an old saying that “If ye have nothing good to say then don’t say anything”.


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