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Slip In the movie

Slip In the movie

Alex Dick-Read

A smooth and sensuous collaboration between three geniuses: Josh Mulcoy, surfer; Thomas Meyerhoffer, designer; Patrick Trefz, film/image maker.

Filmed in Mexico, Josh Mulcoy demonstrates the speed and possibilities of the Slip In. Partick Trefz captures a riding experience that is not often seen on a single fin, proving the unorthodox shape of the Slip In is able to push the boundaries.

“I thought there was no way in hell that this will work.” – Josh Mulcoy

  1. Paul Jensen

    If the speed claim is valid, why is the film in slow motion…???…

  2. Massimo

    Mmhh…I like new shapes,like the Vanguard,but this does not convince me.Too much tail sinking in the water,it looks like a hindrance to turning.Not sure it would work on mush,o non tubing waves where you have to zig-zag a lot like on a skate just to keep the speed.Show us a new footage on ,say, 2ft Rincon ,if it shreds,well ok then.

  3. kilika

    It looks like you should try the fin on the opposite end or just make it a pinnie. Maybe more volume in the tail would help it lift and liven up.

  4. Mr Montara

    Gimmick for kooks by kook


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