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Skip Frye Style ...

Skip Frye Style ...

Alex Dick-Read

Beautifully raw film footage of Skip Frye, master of style, doing what he’s always done best – styling.
Film by Kei Fuji via FB

  1. Don Craig

    Your Skip Frye footage is backwards, he’s not a goofyfoot, but a regular foot. You might have someone reverse that video you’re showing.

  2. Larry Pierce

    Skip is a regular foot not goofy foot…..flip the footage.

  3. surfcrazy

    I thot omg never realized skip was a switch foot. why aged black and white? for effect? skips riding a tri fin. anythng skip is cool non the less.

  4. Roy Stuart
  5. paipojoe

    LOL. It looks like “new technology” iPhone surf photography…but instead of using the technology to give us high-quality images, the computer gives us “art” by adding the “vintage look” of scratches, dust, dirt on the “film.” Meanwhile, others use the “new technology” to REMOVE scratches, dust, dirt from genuine vintage film. Go figger.


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