Sam Bleakley Longboarding Footage

Sam Bleakley is a pro longboarder, travel writer and Cambridge graduate from Sennen Cove, Cornwall, UK.

A multiple European and British Longboard Champion, Sam focuses primarily on exploration photo projects to remote coastlines. Recent groundbreaking trips have been to Mauritania, Haiti, Liberia, Kenya, Oman, the Maluku Islands, South Korea and China, to name a few places where Sam has been the first longboarder to be photographed riding waves.

Despite the traveling, Sam claims, “there is nothing more special in surfing than being a local. I love returning to West Cornwall – the vaulting granite cliffs, a skirt of quartz sand, and the anticipation of the changing season. This is where I grew up and live with my wife Sandy and baby daughter Lola. Home is where the heart is.”

Directed and filmed by: Nick Welch.