Peninsula trailer – Surfing Sweet Italia

On a trip from north to south, from the most crowded spots to unknown breaks, PENINSULA is the tale of a journey to discover and describe where surfing in Italy came from and what it is like nowadays.
Peninsula is a freedom collage about surfing and surfers, about friendship and rivalries, about environmental issues, climate and a bit of history. entirely shot in 35mm, 16mm and super8 film.
surfers: Alessandro Ponzanelli, Oliver Parker, David Pecchi, Thomas Cravarezza,
Alessandro Piu, Gianmarco Pollacchi, Clovis Donizzetti, Angelo Bonomelli and friends
and also: Sasha Benedetti, Fracas brothers, Alessandro Dini, Marco Rizzo,
Sebastiano Venneri (Legambiente), Stefano Gallino (Arpal),
Andrea d’Angelo, Francesco Farina and more
LUCA MERLI | filmmaker, producer, author
founder of Block10, he is the director and, together with Matteo Ferrari, creator and mastermind
of the Onde Nostre project
MATTEO FERRARI | surfer, photographer, producer
together with Luca Merli, he is author, creator and deputy-mastermind of the Onde Nostre project
GIOVANNI BARBERIS | filmmaker, photographer, editor
free surfer and Oh Dawn advocate, he works with Block10
GABRIELE MINELLI | music producer and consultant
founder of the record label Melted Pop and provider of fine tunes
ALESSANDRO PONZANELLI | surfer, traveller, 4 times italian longboard champion
one of Onde Nostre original crew, Sundek advocate, he has recently joined the Bing surfboards international team
FABIO COLOMBO | color grading
LUCA BARCELLONA | graphic design and lettering
music by FRANCO MUSSIDA | Peninsula and PIERO UMILIANI | Folktime