That Mullaghmore Tow-in session

It has been a pretty average winter for most of the North Atlantic and while Europe took the brunt of whatever heavy weather the warbling jet stream threw out, it still didn’t make for an epic season. Until last week, of course, when Ireland got nailed by a monster swell that offered some almost A-grade Mullaghmore.
Shots and footage from this session flew around the world and at least two of the rides (Andrew Cotton and Tom Butler, see below) are in contention for a Billabong XXL award. So, in case you missed it or in case you have a thing for giant, freezing, gloomy man-eating waves, here’s a look at the session overall, from CMediaPhotography, followed by the Billabong XXL entries for North Devon’s Andrew Cotton and Newquay lad, Tom Butler.

CMPIreland’s overview:

Andrew Cotton’s XXL entry:

Tom Butler’s massive, murky tube, also an XXL entry: