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Much Better Now

Much Better Now

Alex Dick-Read

More joy shared by – animation by Salon Alpin
“After creating a buzz around the international film festival circuit, this short about the adventure of bookmark riding pages in a book is an inspirational 5 and half minutes. The sound design and mixture of CG and stop motion animation is top notch and takes you into another world. Enjoy.”

  1. mark lund

    Great job !! The graphics were fantastic, and the vibe was very identifiable. I guess it isn’t “only a surfer” after all…
    It seems that even a bookmarker knows the feeling…
    Congratulations to the editor/producer and team.
    Made my (Mon-)day.
    Thanks as well to TSP for bringing this and other treats to us all .

  2. Chris


  3. Arjan Traas

    Just wanted to say:

    BEAUTIFUL… the whole producting is amazing with a beautiful ending… AWESOME!


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