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Maya Gabeira returns to Teahupoo

Maya Gabeira returns to Teahupoo

Alex Dick-Read

Maya Gabeira took a serious beating at Teahupoo on a massive day in 2011. KNocked unconscious by repeated reef slams, she was lucky to get out of there alive. This year she went back to get on the horse again. It was intense, emotional time for her and her personal trainer Carlos Burle.
Here’s how it went down:

For the first time after an incident that almost took her life in the “skull breaker” reefs of Teahupoo in 2011, Maya Gabeira is back to Tahiti to face an epic swell of giant waves.

  1. Massimo

    Yes, I know the feeling,it is unconfortable to leave your bed and your wardrobe to go charging waves like this.You could have been already a mother looking after your children,or you could go shopping instead.You have lost conscience already on the reef(normally this denotes a small stroke in the head as it happens on boxing KOs) but hey,you are not like any girl,you are superhuman and you like to let us know that you got back to contribute to society(or at least you think so)with the generous help of Red Bull(whose athletes sometimes die,it is a fact,and it happens during filming,check the facts).Well,I would certainly go to the mall with my kids instead.What are you missing in your life?Why do you have to prove that you can do it?Why?What is it the point in risking again?Maybe the real challenge is to fill the personal”inner void”instead.Thanks RB for an other episode of”Super woman is back”


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