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Holy Kandui!

Holy Kandui!

Alex Dick-Read

This place is surrounded in perfection. Literally.
We just got this salad mix video from our friends at the new Kandui Villas, a high-quality, family-friendly place to stay in the Mentawai Islands. Right out front sits one of the world’s best lefthanders. On the opposite side of the tiny island, sits one of the world’s best righthanders. In between is a series of waves from beginner-friendly to everyday fun waves.
Surf heaven looks like this.

Kandui Villas is taking bookings for the 2012 season.

  1. Massimo

    I had left a comment,sadly you apparently decided not to post it.There were no bad words, no disrespectul ones,the only thing I said it that I found inappropriate to post a commercial for the wealthy 1% who can go to such a remote place, in todays economical misery.well,sorry,I might have missed,the recovery then …


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