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Ken 'Skindog' Collins responds to Laird Hamilton

Ken 'Skindog' Collins responds to Laird Hamilton

Alex Dick-Read

This has been around for a few days but it really needs airing because whatever your views, or whatever Laird’s views, on Maya Gabeira’s surfing and Carlos Burle’s possible world record, Skindog has a very valid point.
Santa Cruz used to be full grumpy gangsterish tough guys who thought everyone else was less hardcore than them. Now it’s full of the same people, now reformed doing things like this:

  1. Chuck Ross


    I’m okay with Laird’s stuff more than I am with this shtuff.

    And, yeah, Greg Noll counts!

  2. Nicola Creedon

    Well said man, Rotten that in every industry where there’s any kinda competition or ego involved, If someone does well and takes the limelight from someone else, people aren’t happy. Don’t get me wrong I love Laird and everything he’s done and there is a point to be made that people you are skilled are the people that should be in those waves. Both jet ski rider and surfer need to be at top level to stop the bad stuff from happening but ultimately these are massive waves and stuff does go wrong. Even to the best. Male or female and I get what he’s saying here. Spread the love, if anywhere needs support in surfing its tow surfing. Cos if there isn’t anyone at the end of that line. You better pray someone else is!

  3. Erik

    Spread love? Have you ever been to Santa Cruz? This guy is one of the original thugs. Trying to make amends now because he’s done bullying people. Nah, there is no redemption, only karma. Deal with it.

  4. Dave Preovolos

    Uh, I haven’t even listened to Skinny’s rant yet, but have to chuckle @ this guy Eric’s statement calling Collins “one of the original thugs”….roflmao!! Skindog is about as thuggish as Bart Simpson….there’ve definitely been several ‘thugs’ in the Santa Cruz lineups, but Skinny isn’t one of ’em…

  5. Phil Roberts

    Thank You ” SkinDog” Collins ! 100% in agreement. Congrats to Maya she charged it and made the drop. I believe I saw the jet ski break her ankle and she passed out after being dragged under all the water, both unrelated to her surfing attempt. Both her and Carlos should get full recognition. Laird wasn’t there by his own choice. I remember a young Laird when he wasn’t “Good enough”. Would Laird tell his wife Gaby she isn’t “Good enough” at her choice of sport? Failures come with great advancements at everything, I’ve had many and that hasn’t stopped me. I want to see Maya keep charging, she’s more of a positive roll model than Laird is right now.


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