Kelly Slater shows new wave pool on CBS

Robert Kelly Slater hasn’t finished yet. In fact, in a recent CBS television interview he says he’s not even halfway there.
We don’t know why the giant US TV network decided now was a good time to present KS to the mainstream, and in general the Slater they show us in ‘Long Live the King’ is the one we know well, answering questions we’ve heard a thousand times. But they do give us an interesting glimpse into the Kelly Slater Wavepool, a semi-secret spot KS has been brewing along with other evil geniuses in a warehouse in LA.
He isn’t giving much away, but judging from this, and the known fact that KS doesn’t do things by halves, it looks like we can expect something spectacular in the aquatic artifice department.
And ironically, CBS show us more of his vision than any other media has to date.