It’s amazing what surfing can do … Break Away, the trailer

Break Away – Trailer (English Subtitles) from Kevin Bressler on Vimeo.
Student’s film-project about surfing as a therapy for kids by Kevin Bressler. To be released in 2013.
BREAK AWAY is a project that Jürgen Weis launched in 2010. He is a teacher at the “Förderschule Martin Luther King” in Traben-Trarbach. An avid water sportsman, Weis discovered the positive effect of surfing firsthand during his travels. He very quickly realized that trips to the sea could be radical experiences for many of his students. Weis’ school serves young people, who for various reasons are socially and emotionally disadvantaged in terms of development. They often come from broken homes, were abused for years, or got into criminal friend circles. Other students go to the school because they have Attention Deficit Disorder or other mild learning disabilities. In cooperation with Max Reuter and his surf-camp, the teachers were able to realize this project a few times already.
This film originated as part of my Bachelor thesis at the University of Trier. It is part of a two-part film series about surfing projects for children.