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After Irene, the outlaw surfers

After Irene, the outlaw surfers

Alex Dick-Read

This comes from Belmar Beach, New Jersey, filmed on 28th August, 2011, soon after Tropical Storm Irene brought chaos to the US NE coast. The whole NJ/NY area is in a state of emergency with flooding and downed power lines, etc. But thank Huey our surfer brethren have their priorities right.
As the guy says right at the end: “We do this all winter with no one around”.
We think the cops have better things to be doing.

  1. elephant

    we had the same problem out east. we do this for bigger storms and waves, but someone sitting behind a desk made it a state of emergency. we were denied access to our surf spots and beaches for 3 days.

    love the jersey guys.

  2. Common sense

    Yes, the cops do have better things to be doing than scraping their sorry asses off the rocks. Those aren’t normal surfing waves!


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