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Inside the Monster

Inside the Monster

Alex Dick-Read

Do we need another film about Code Red Teahupoo?
Trouble with this one is, it’s excellent.
The best, maybe, ever.

By Giles Hucault and Julien Marckt
Water filming by Jack McCoy

INSIDE THE MONSTER from gilles HUCAULT on Vimeo.

  1. Mak

    Who is singing the Bob Marley Natural Mystic cover at 4:45????

  2. jc

    Brutal. One of the best vids on chopes around. Loved the wipeout sections, and the insight about how the place is spiraling out of control in terms of crowd in the channel. Superb production all round. Thanks for sharing

  3. JF

    Amazing !
    Just I have discovered this sustainable Kite STRETCH available from France all around the world (USA, EU, Japan …)

    Enjoy !!

  4. Massimo

    Enough really. I am personally fed up with this “pushing the limits society”.I still prefer Dane Reynold surfing 3ft Rincon,much more inspiring.It is all a market ,Mr Olympia,if you are not 5’10 x 290 pounds lean mass you do not count,if you do not sand surf on Mars it does not count…a killing wave for the very elite,so???A guy ate 60 hamburgers in 5 mins.And?More average reality please.You do not sell enough?Well, time to do something else then.


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