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Huuuuge day at Cloudy

Huuuuge day at Cloudy

Alex Dick-Read

Nick Pollet’s edit of that memorable day earlier in 2012 when Cloudbreak, Fiji put on the greatest surf show of our times.

HUUUUGE DAY AT CLOUDY from Nick Pollet on Vimeo.

  1. al mackinnon

    Nice vid, incredible rides but the most emotive part for me was the empty wave with Healey’s gun in the lip; that thing was just disgusting and beautiful all at once!

  2. Massimo

    Yes,huge,looks like 15-18ft.Massive.Possibly some tow-in in the second part, although conceiled,dreamscape for the elite,remote and expensive place,this is why I like Dane Reynolds surfing 4-5ft on sandbars in California and supershredding:accessible fun on accessible waves ,inspiring and possibly more concrete.

  3. Sean Davey



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