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Ghost Wave - a book trailer

Ghost Wave - a book trailer

Alex Dick-Read

Ghost Wave – The discovery of Cortes Bank and the biggest wave on earth.
A new book by Chris Dixon, soon to be published by Chronicle Books, which looks deep into the reef that sits many miles offshore from Southern California and which offers a small crew of obessessive big-wave riders a challenge that’s hard to match in the surfing world.
The book will be out at the end of September and we’ll have more about it in an upcoming issue of TSP.
Here’s a sneak preview:

you can see more about the upcoming book here.

  1. Stiofán

    Fantastic wave! An awesome act of nature! The biggest wave in the world? 7th natural wonder of the world? Get over yourselves!

    Not taking away from what is a great wave and great surfing ability but the arrogance and ego to suggest its the biggest? Have you seen them all break on their day? From Hawaii, Western Australia, Africa, Ireland, South America and many more yet to be discovered?

  2. Chris Dixon

    Stiofán – maybe when you read the book, or if you’ve seen or read much on the Bank in the past, (there’s an excellent explanation of the bathymetric factors that make it work in the film “Making the Call”) you’ll understand why it is, in fact, recognized as the biggest breaking, and the biggest rideable wave on earth. I’m not suggesting it’s the thickest – I think we could agree that Teahupoo takes that honor. I’ve been in the water at big Todos, Mavs and have seen Waimea break from the rocks during the last Eddie. Nothing came close to my last experience 100 miles out at the Bank. That’s why I wrote the book. Thanks for the post ADR! — CD

  3. Steve Fitzpatrick


    I really, really, really, really hope that Flame gets the credit for discovering this wave. Because the bottom line is that he did discover it. And he scouted it for over a decade before anyone even went out there and had a look in anything other than a plane.

    I trust your experience as a true journalist got the story right because the trailer makes it sound like Parsons, Gerlach, Mel, and Skindog discovered the wave, and all of them would admit that they had no idea about it until Flame filled them in and recruited them for the mission.

    Sounds like there’s a lot of history out there beyond the surf, and I look forward to hearing the book!

    Saludos, colega!!


  4. Chris Dixon

    Fitzy – you know I wouldn’t overlook Flame. He’s one of the central figures in the book!! Hope you like it brah.


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