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Fitzgerald 2 - Kye and Hynd, Western Sahara

Fitzgerald 2 - Kye and Hynd, Western Sahara

Alex Dick-Read

Western Sahara excerpt from Kye Fitzgerald’s film Wind Moon Tide, a feature length film coming soon.

  1. Massimo

    Ok,ok,Mr.Hynd does not like fins,does not like conformist society,he does not like a 9-17 job,and now wants to get a university degree in “sociology”
    (how about chemistry or physics,instead?)and maybe a comparison study between surf in oz and italy(very useful indeed)…you know, I like real ,concrete people, hard working and useful ones,like the plumbers,the carpenters, the engineers,the farmers,those we need,the rest is thin air I am afraid…but some people are good at living out of thin air and we call them “artists”,we ask them for autographs,we buy posters,…


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