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Film Trailer - For Better, For Worse

Film Trailer - For Better, For Worse

Alex Dick-Read

A new film by France/Cornwall-based film maker Romain Juchereau exploring the lives and surf obsessions of three couples who gave it all up for the surf life.

For better, for worse – Surf documentary trailer by Romain Juchereau from Romain Juchereau film maker on Vimeo.

  1. Massimo

    AAHH the romantic spirit,the bug..!!!You know, we should all sell our house (if you have one) or your tent and start living out of thin air!!!Especially in the UK which is so cheap!( :) )Please ,oh please ,surfing is an industry,you work,contribute to society ,then surf(unless you are in the top 44 of course).And then ,they do not have enough money to go to Indo?Ever heard about cheap flights to the Canaries?Sorry,maybe I should have not stepped down the tree-of-dreams!


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