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Expedition Sardinia

Expedition Sardinia

Alex Dick-Read

Avanty Expedition (0.1) Sardinia

  1. Marco Valberni

    I know sardinia a bit.The video reflect the fact that the access to some spots is tricky with an average car.Localism can be a problem in an island where there is high unemployment and frustration(do not expect to be exactly welcome in the water).The average wind swell period for the mediterranean is 8 at best with occasional 9s and being there at the right time(few hours)is very difficult.Try and go to the costa verde with an average car, it will not be funny,believe me.Infrastructures are not exactly the best,building has been done “hey pal,return me the favor” like style ,but this is countrywide(drive around milan and you will see the results of 40 years of sistematic urban planning scrapping).


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