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Desert Ash

Desert Ash

Alex Dick-Read

Reubyn Ash is a great surfer. Put him in the middle of the desert and he’ll still find a way to bust some airs.
Here he is in dusty Dubai.
“One of the oddest things,” said Reubyn of the the Wadi Wave Pool where he spent three solid days, “was losing the ‘random’. Not surfing by instinct and momentary changes in the sea, it actually made surfing this wave harder. But once I had the wave dialled in the possibilities felt endless. I just wish I could go back for a week!”
The film is by Tim Boydell

  1. Dan

    The pool is actually in Al Ain, full information here:

  2. Massimo

    There are surfers(like ks,dr,tb)and those who skate pools.The two are very different.Ok to practice useless tricks for own fun and sponsor’s bucks on a repetitive terrain,you know exactly what the next wave will be like,but this is not surfing.


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