Chasing the Lotus

Chasing the Lotus

Schell Bell Productions

2006: Two of surfing’s greatest, though least known, chroniclers – surfing’s “audiovisual poet laureats” – Greg Weaver and Spyder Wills dug through their garages and deep in the back of their closets to find these hitherto unseen ‘lost reels’. Edited by Greg Schell (of Far Shore fame), this film follows the paths of two imagemakers whose careers were spent at the heart of surfing’s establishment, and yet so often way out on the fringes of the known surfing world. From The Curl Line to Santosha to Dog Town to Wave Warriors III, these guys were in the water or on the sidelines filming era-defining moments with real professionalism and a true love of the ridiculous. A great film that tells their story, and a whole lot of ours.

Winner of Best Original Score award at X-Dance 2007

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