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Ásatrú, surfing & camping in Iceland with Ian Battrick

Ásatrú, surfing & camping in Iceland with Ian Battrick

Alex Dick-Read Alex Dick-Read

Super cool new Iceland piece by Ian Battrick of Lunasurf. Like, bloody freezing, actually.

Ásatrú, surfing & camping in Iceland with Ian Battrick from Ian Battrick on Vimeo.

A couple of visions from surfing and camping out around Iceland.
All the surfing is filmed POV or hand held, wearing a Lunasurf 4mm hooded wetsuit.
Riding Lunasurf full deck grip and leashes on Varial Foam Jeff Doc Lausch Surf Prescriptions surfboards with Futures Fins.
Thank you for watching. Please feel free to share this clip, thats what it’s made for, cheers.
Track: “She’s Beside Me”
Written, Recorded, Produced and Performed by Steve Bouchere
Filmed, Edited and Directed by Ian Battrick

  1. Massimo

    Horrible.Sorry but this epilectic-seizures -inducing POV kills the footage completely.
    Nice image quality though.Next time,bring your fiance’ and have her film you from the beach!

  2. Niel

    I LOVE this video. Went to Iceland a few years ago but didn’t get to surf. I especially dig the funky airs via your POV. Very cool.

  3. Monkhazard

    Great vid. Good sense of what’s it’s like to be surfing the great cold lands. Thanks.


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