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A Raglan Selfie

A Raglan Selfie

Alex Dick-Read

Are these, like totally uncool now?
We don’t care. This still looks like a close-up look at a whole lot of fun.
Film is by Luke Cederman, who comments below:

Hi, I’m Luke and I’m not a 17 year old girl, but I still think selfies are kinda cool. I throw them up on my Instagram all the time, they’re mainly of me eating good food and doing ROFLOL’s when I see funny stuff on Youtube. Check out this recent selfie I took surfing.OMG! YOLO!
by Luke Cederman

  1. Rod Wallace

    I was just wondering if the raglan wagon cabins are still up on the hill ?? Great little campsite overlooking Manu bay peace rod

  2. Chucky...

    Raglan rocks’…selfies suck balls.

    Are you sure you’re not a girl?


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