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3km Left Discovered in Angola

3km Left Discovered in Angola

Alex Dick-Read

Another endless African sand dredger somehow gone unnoticed, or at least unfilled up to now.
Film by Benji and Davey Brand, Directed by Dan Mace

  1. Zac Heisey

    I love knowing that there are places like this out there with no one out and perfect waves reeling one after another.

  2. Jason Horton

    This is not their discovery. Kepa Acero spent months searching for and finding this spot. Photographer Alan Van Gysen sneakily leaked the info to these guys, who then snaked Kepa & Dane Gadauskus’s project by posting their edit first. And didn’t even have the courtesy to credit Kepa with the find. Bullshit.

  3. OnionRingPanto

    ^^interesting info. Any more info on the other projects??

  4. Massimo

    Apart from the annoying soundtrack which will give you an epilectic fit,the wave looks really good and even on sand.I am not sure if it is even 0.5km long however.I also wonder how safe is it for a
    DYU surfer traveller to go alone to Angola
    (crime,sharks,deseases,traffic accidents?).

  5. Evan Daily

    I love the soundtrack! Who is it?
    thanks for sharing the love!


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