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15-year-old Riley Lang, plus Slater, at Shipstern's Bluff

15-year-old Riley Lang, plus Slater, at Shipstern's Bluff

Alex Dick-Read

Young Riley Lang has one of those “I’ll remember it for the rest of my life” sessions at semi-paddle-able Shipstern’s Bluff in Tasmania.
Clearly a very stoked grom with a big-wave future – just check how he introduces his film, below … :

“Here is a video of me surfing Shipsterns with Kelly Slater, Mark Mathews, Marti Paradisis, Laurie Towner and heaps more!! Had the best time and got the barrel of my life infront of all my surfing heroes !!
Yewwww :)
Check it out !!!”

  1. Massimo

    Ok,Ok, jet ski again…I wonder what they can do on a 3 ft wave.Jordy would do a back flip and a rodeo,dane would do a sushi roll a super man and other insanities,you know,if one shreds for real, you do not go jet skiing to tasmania to get publicity…
    Watch what today shredders were doing at that age already…no jet ski,simply anti gravitational futuristic stuff on any wave.


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