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12 Miles North - the full movie

12 Miles North - the full movie

Alex Dick-Read

We recently ran a trailer for a film made by sports giant Nike, all about the inspirational black surfer Nick Gabaldon who tragically died surfing at Malibu in 1951.
Gabaldon’s story is incredible in itself – that he, a black dude who loved the beach, was willing to go against the grain and become not just a surfer but a very good surfer; that he was so into it he PADDLED 12 miles north from the Inkwell – LA’s beach ‘for black people’ – to go and surf Malibu; and that his surfing and his character immediately embedded him in the nascent surf scene that spawned a mass movement.
We’re not usually big on sports corporation promo films but this one is beautifully made and really worth 1/2 an hour of your time.

  1. Jacquelin Brewton

    Nick rode his perfect wave straight to heaven ! God bless his soul….
    Thanks for sharing this history with me.


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