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Surfing the Wild East

Surfing the Wild East

Alex Dick-Read

This could be the first People’s Surf Movie.
Definitely the first to chart the Black Sea’s surf potential.
Original stuff.

  1. Chris

    They want me to give money for them to go surfing? Yeah, right…I think I’ll donate to Oxfam instead, to help people suffering in Ethiopia and surrounding countries who are suffering from the worst drought for 60 years.

  2. Surf nazi

    And every other pioneering surf exploration film made begging promos? Where’s these people’s passion and determination FFS? Also, how much does a 3 week surf trip cost? Peanuts

  3. Ariel

    Seriously? With tens of thousands of people in the world suffering/dying from all the natural disasters happening in our world, these lazy bastards are asking for handouts to fund their vacation? Gutless worms! Why don’t you try raising those funds yourself by ‘working’ or selling candybars or magazine subscriptions? If 7th graders can do it….


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