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Allan Byrne appeal - beautiful last board for sale to raise funds for his family.

Allan Byrne appeal - beautiful last board for sale to raise funds for his family.

Alex Dick-Read

Here’s an appeal to help the family of the late and very great surfer/shaper, Allan Byrne, who passed away recently in a motorcycle accident in Bali.
Byrne was renowned as the master of channel-bottom surfboards, boards that famously fly in perfect, hollow waves.
Here below is a request from one of Allan’s many friends and admirers – the Bali-dwelling writer, teacher and humanitarian activist, Matt George.

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 1.08.22 PMMy name is Matt George and this is one of the very last surfboards Allan Byrne ever shaped. My personal board. This original, hand shaped 7’2″ was designed for perfect spinning barrels and surfing at the speed of light. Allan Passed way in Bali in August 2013. He put a lot of soul into this board, you can feel it.
Percentage proceeds from this sale will go toward the medical bills that were incurred at the Bali Hospital before Allan passed. We are attempting to help the family bear this financial weight.
This board has been waxed once and ridden only once in the tubes of Padang Padang. It is in absolutely perfect condition, with the exception of one tiny, shallow pressure dent near the tail from its one session.
This board comes hand signed by Allan, with original Allan Byrne fins. This is a rare animal. And believe me, it is magic. This board can practically surf by itself.
Please bear in mind that this board is currently in Bali. Shipping costs must be paid by buyer. This can be very expensive. However, it is possible to have a surfing friend of yours carry it to your country if they happen to be returning from Bali. Help the family, help yourself. Highest offer gets the board. Starting at USD3000.00
Contact: for offers and payment method.
Long live Allan Byrne.
Matt George






  1. Marcus

    What a loss for all.Alan was a true artist in every sense and made everyone who he came in contact with smile and laugh,His spirit is truly one of a kind and his legacy as a waterman and esoteric shaper will live one. Please accept my condolences on his loss as it is felt by all,

  2. Massimo

    Very sad.I wanted to come back to Bali until I watched an Aus documentary”The other side of Bali”and changed my mind,for good.Corruption at any level(local police accused of bribes to avoid investigationts into australians killed there every 9 days,stabbings,disco security staff that spike beverages to steal from tourists and very bad public health system or expensive private one).A motorcycle traffic accident killed again.We had enough.The Bali traffic jungle should have been fixed a long time ago,local authorities do not care,well I will spend my money elsewhere then.The chronically disfunctional poor state of society in the fake-“paradise”island cannot longer be condoned.

  3. jsl

    This smells mostly like Bullshit, …..unless you can give some providence with a date as to when the board got shaped and then delivered. Did AB take it to Bali and deliver to you on his last trip and therefore yes this shooter would be one of his last. ?Also Matt give a figure or percentage of how much you intend to hand over to Jayne and maybe someone might offer you some money. …. if you intend to give the majority of the dollars to the family then cool, but if your thinking 10 percent and pocketing the rest then join the que mate, theres plenty of dickheads thinking they have some money to be made cashing in on Al’s passing away. I have one of his last shaped board to, a 9’0 triple stringer….Al wouldnt have shaped it for me if he thought I’d sell it for a bomb and giver him a few scrapes. I suggest you pledge 100 % of the $ to his family and then you might get some following and respect. and if you delete this without replying I will make certain you get some more publicity.

  4. jsl

    PS, Matt, please forgive me if I am a bit harsh here. I’m sure you mean well for the family and you must have been mates with Al, but I don’t think the way this fundraising effort has been presented paints a particularly good picture. There are a lot of Al’s mates back home just giving their boards up for auction to help out. Your call man, anytime someone mentions charity or fundraising I think its fair to be very clear to the buying public where the funds are going. Accountability …as that will get people chipping in if they know where their money is going. Fair call? Sorry for being a bit harsh, a lot of us lost a good mate.


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